About Us


The Begin…

MyCrazyThings.com story began in 2014 when three young engineers started thought of startup about a year after graduating. A small idea of which let people upload graphics onto t-shirts and buy them on their sweet memories like birthdays, marriage occasions and school graduations. There is another inspiration of announcing Janasena by Mr Pawan Kalyan during the period of 2014 and supplied many T-shirts at free of cost.

When we launched our first fully-functional site and began taking orders in late 2014, we lacked the sophisticated behind-the-scenes systems we have today. Our team kept our focus on customer satisfaction as we've grown: our order volume has increased by a factor of about 50 since 2015, but our post-order feedback surveys show that customer satisfaction rates are even higher now than they were then!

Our inspiration..

When Janasena chief Mr Pawan kalyan announced on support of “Cheneta”,  we also inspired and visited farmers and decided to add our few cents. Each of the item you buy on any Cheneta item, 2% of the cost will directly goes to poor Cheneta workers society.

Our Goal…

The quality of material we choose for all our products makes our customers feel 100% satisfied and kept us on top of the list. Nothing is important than the customer satisfaction for our team. High quality of material and testing procedure helps us to deliver 100% defect free output which makes our customers base double last 2 years.